Date: 25.03.2022
Author: Saoirse Bonnar
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How to properly prepare and store antique furniture 

Wrap it with protective layers

Whether the antique furniture in your home is a beautiful investment or a valuable heirloom, it’s important to keep it safe during life’s transitional periods. There are various situations when you need to store antique furniture, such as relocating, downsizing, or renovating the home.  

Before you move your antique furniture into a safe and secure space, you must prepare the pieces to maintain their condition. As self storage experts, we’ve put together a few top tips on how to properly prepare and store antique furniture. 

Clean your furniture 

The first step to preparing your antique furniture involves a dust rag and cloth. Wipe down your furniture and remove all dust and sticky areas. Consider the material of the furniture and use an appropriate cleaner.  

Add a layer of protection 

Treating your antique furniture ensures that the items stay in top condition while in storage, especially when working with uncertain timelines. Add an extra layer of protection by treating your furniture a couple of weeks before storage. For example, polish wooden furniture and use leather conditioner for leather items.  

Disassemble if possible 

Large items take up a lot of space. Disassembling items reduces the amount of space needed and makes it easier to transport furniture. If possible, remove the legs of tables, headboards, shelves, and drawers. Keep note of what you remove so you can return each piece to its rightful owner.  

Prevent scratches and damage by wrapping antique furniture. Bubble wrap is useful for mirrors, framed pictures and lamps, preventing damage from a bump against a hard object. For wooden furniture, use non-plastic covers, such as fabric covers, to allow the furniture to breathe. Blankets can also be used to cover upholstered items, protecting them from dust.

Pack in a cool, dry place 

Find a safe and secure space to store your antique furniture, such as a self storage unit. When moving your items into their temporary home, make sure that you balance items carefully so that they don’t fall over, and check that there is enough airflow between furniture pieces. 

At StorageWise, we offer a range of storage units on the Dock Road, Limerick, to safely store your antique furniture. Customers have 24-hour access to our clean and secure storage units, providing easy access to your antique furniture when needed. 

For added convenience, we also offer a box shop that sells packaging material to protect your valuable belongings. Ready to move in? Give us a call at +353 61 446 302 to find out more.

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