How to store your Halloween decorations

Halloween offers a fun occasion to dress up, decorate the home and indulge in a few sweet treats. While some people like to get spooky and create a scary atmosphere, others prefer to dress up as their favourite movie characters, throw a glow-in-the-dark party, or host a murder mystery night. 

halloweenHalloween lays the backdrop for many memories, but it’s a short-lived occasion and party decor and costumes are only used for one day (or weekend) a year.  

So, how do you store your Halloween decor outside the spooky season? 

Use garment bags for Halloween costumes  

If you recycle Halloween costumes, then you need to store them correctly. Clean and dry the costume before hanging it in a garment bag to protect it from dust. A little bit of effort will go a long way in keeping your witch’s dress or bunny suit in top condition!  

Keep original boxes for decorations 

Delicate décor items, such as life-size skeletons and scarecrows, are best kept in the original boxes designed to protect them during transit. Keeping the packaging also saves you from buying containers for bulky or oddly-shaped items. 

 Store Halloween decorations together 

Perhaps you store other seasonal items such as Christmas decorations or camping gear. Pack all of your Halloween decorations together, making them easy to find. You can even group Halloween items to make certain pieces easier to find, such as keeping costumes together and trick-or-treating gear in one box. 

Use identifiable boxes 

Avoid the scary situation of losing your Halloween decorations by packing them in identifiable boxes. Choose from clear, plastic containers or sturdy cardboard boxes that you can label on the outside.  

Invest in protective layers 

Some decorations are more fragile than others and should be wrapped in protective layers. For example, wrap glass lanterns in bubble wrap or slip candles inside socks. While storing small items inside larger ones will prevent accidental loss, it’s worth wrapping them in sealable plastic bags to prevent moisture damage.  

Keeping these simple tips in mind will keep your Halloween décor organised and protected, making it easier to decorate next year. Once properly packed, you can store your Halloween decorations in a cool and dry place.  

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