Date: 25.03.2022
Author: Saoirse Bonnar
Category: Tips & Tricks

A guide to downsizing your office

Are you ready to downsize your office? If your office currently resembles a packed storage room with a few desks squeezed in, it can be a daunting task. Not to worry, we're here to help. If you're ready to make more space and create a more productive environment for your team, give our guide to downsizing your office a try. 

Chat with your team 

Understanding the needs and wants of your team as a whole will provide a better outlook on what they need to be productive. This will also enable you to get a proper office headcount before making any drastic changes to the space. 

Invest in file storage 

Filing cabinets are one of the biggest space wasters in an office. While certain physical documents have to be saved for a certain length of time, they don't have to be kept in the office.  

StorageWise offers secure file storage lockers and storage units ideal for confidential document archiving. 

Implement a hybrid work model 

By allowing employees to work from home on staggered days, you will decrease the total number of desks needed in the office while allowing your team to save on travelling costs. Win-win! 

Consider multipurpose furniture 

Desks that can be reconfigured to accommodate more or fewer people, storage that doubles as seating and bookshelves as partition walls are all great examples of multipurpose furniture. Not only will you be able to make the most of your limited space, but you'll also find that multipurpose furniture is often more cost-effective. 

Cut back on excess 

When it comes to downsizing, one of the best ways is to cut back on excess furniture and equipment. By removing extra screens, keyboards, printers, chairs and more, you'll be able to free up valuable space and create a more efficient and productive work environment.  

Whether you’re looking for a secure storage locker to store documents or a larger unit to store costly equipment, StorageWise has you covered. With our wide range of business storage units, you can store all manner of office excess with ease for as long as you need. To learn more, give us a call on +353 61 446 302 or request a fast and easy quote online



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