Date: 25.03.2022
Author: Saoirse Bonnar
Category: Facilities & Features

A safe second home: The benefits of personal storage  

Are you running out of space in your home? Perhaps the clutter is accumulating to an unbearable level? Personal storage is the ideal extension of your home, providing a safe and secure space to keep your belongings.  

Whether you’re clearing the spare room to welcome a new baby, renovating the kitchen, or downsizing your space, personal storage can help. Instead of living in clutter or moving to a larger home, self storage offers the benefit of extra space without a hefty price.  

Consider the following benefits of using personal storage as a safe second home. 

Open up space in the home 

It’s easy for the home to become cluttered, and with so many people working remotely, the home has become both the living space and the working environment. Self storage provides a secure space to keep extra household items whether you’re transforming the guest room into a home office, securing seasonal clothing, storing sports and hobby equipment or protecting unused heirlooms.   

Security for your belongings 

When you move your belongings into a secure storage unit, you can rest peacefully at night knowing that your items are secure. Modern storage facilities, such as StorageWise, offer individually-alarmed storage units and 24/7 CCTV surveillance.  

Cost-effective solution to space 

Rather than renting a larger, more expensive home, you can rent a self storage unit and pay a fraction of the price. Self storage units are available in various sizes to meet your needs. Whether you’re growing your family, renovating the home, or working from home, self storage allows you to create more space without breaking the bank. 

Convenient accessibility 

Self storage provides an easy solution to space without the fuss of driving too far. Grab sports equipment on a whim or store furniture for as long as you need during a move. With 24-hour access and free move-in service offered by StorageWise, accessing the extension of your home has never been easier. 

Flexible rental agreements 

Life is unpredictable, and self storage adapts to your needs. A flexible rental agreement allows you to upsize or downsize your space as needed without trapping you in a restrictive long-term agreement.  

At StorageWise, we’re proud to offer affordable and convenient self storage solutions. Our friendly and professional team manages our secure, modern facility that serves as an extension of your home.  

Choose from a selection of different size units, and benefit from our free move-in service. If your requirements for space change over time, you can upsize or downsize as needed. Get a quote and open up space in your home today!

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