Baby on the way? Household tasks to wrap up before baby arrives 

When a new baby arrives at home, there is bound to be excitement in the air. It is a time of joy and happiness as the family prepares to welcome a new member. However, the home also needs to be prepared, and this part of the process can be a little bit more stressful. 

Getting the house ready for a newborn baby will help to make the transition smooth and efficient. Add these tasks to a preparation list and make sure that you give yourself enough time to tick them off.  

Stock up with essential supplies 

Adjusting to life as a parent is challenging enough, so it’s important to stock up on all of the necessary supplies to make your job easier. These include diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, and pacifiers. It is also a good idea to have a supply of clothes on hand, as well as blankets and burp cloths. Finally, it’s worth investing in a baby swing, bouncer, and/or infant car seat to take care of the new baby with ease. 

Prepare the sleeping arrangements 

Prepare the sleeping arrangements for a new baby before they arrive to ensure their safety and comfort. One detail to consider is the cot. Make sure it’s in good condition and that all of the screws and bolts are tight.  

If you’re using a second-hand or previously-used cot, make sure to inspect it thoroughly before setting it up. It’s also important to have a firm mattress that fits snugly in the cot. While the baby will eventually move into their own room, you may want to make space in your room for the first few weeks. 

Stock up the pantry 

Stock up the pantry with plenty of food before the baby arrives. As a parent of a newborn, you’ll need to have plenty of nutrients and calories to keep your energy levels up. Some suggestions include fruit and vegetables, high-protein food, cheese, yoghurt, healthy snacks, and pre-made meals. 

Declutter the home 

Decluttering your home helps to make it easier to clean and take care of the space after the baby arrives, reducing the amount of clutter and mess in regularly used spaces. It will also help to make space for your baby’s clothing, furniture and toys.  

Conduct a deep clean 

Deep cleaning your home before your newborn baby arrives helps make sure that your baby is safe and healthy. You will need to clean all the surfaces that the baby might touch and also get rid of any dust or dirt that might be harmful. Begin by vacuuming all of the floors and carpets, dusting all surfaces, cleaning all windows and mirrors, and washing all bedding.  

Design the nursery 

Clear out the spare room, dust off the shelves and decorate the walls according to a theme of your choice. Give yourself enough time to prepare your newborn’s nursery so that they have a safe and clean space for themselves. Make sure to include plenty of storage space for all of their clothing, toys and decor.  

Baby proof the home 

A newborn child doesn’t do much other than sleep, cry, and coo. However, there will come a time when they start to crawl and walk, and it’s important to baby-proof your home to keep them safe. Make sure that you pay special attention to cupboards that store cleaning supplies and stairs. 

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