Best packing hacks for university students  

Heading to university is a monumental milestone, but it can also be a daunting one. Particularly when facing the challenge of packing everything you need into a small space. To ensure you start on a well-organised foot, we look at the best packing hacks to ensure a stress-free packing experience to make sure you leave for academic life well prepared.  

Roll your clothes  

Well-known by backpackers around the world, rolling your clothes is the easiest way to fit in more. Start with the heaviest items, such as jeans and jackets. Place the item flat on a bed or hard surface, fold the arms in and tightly roll the item from the bottom up. For lighter items, such as t-shirts and yoga pants, simply fold them in half and roll them up.  

Packing jewellery  

Most jewellery tends to be small and easy to lose. A clever and cheap hack is to make use of egg cartons or a weekly plastic pill container. They both keep necklaces from getting tangled, keep all items together and ensure they won’t get lost in transit. Just be sure to pack them securely, so they’re not rolling around your luggage.  

Use every space available  

Nesting smaller items inside larger ones, like your shoes, is a great hack to save space and keep your belongings organised. Items to nest include socks, underwear, perfume/cologne bottles, or even the pill container holding your organised jewellery.  

Transporting decor  

If you’re ready to add a touch of home to your dorm room with picture frames, it is best to ensure they are packed into padded envelopes or secured with bubble wrap. Ensure that the frames are stood upright in the box to prevent the combined weight from cracking any glass.  

Pack shoes together  

When packing shoes, go with storage boxes designed to store and separate glasses or wine bottles as they have dividers. These cardboard dividers are perfect to keep your shoes in pairs. Additionally, the smaller box size ensures that it won’t become too heavy to lift, and there will still be space on top to squeeze in a little more.  

When you’re ready to move, StorageWise has all the moving essentials for your relocation needs, including low-cost moving packs with all the essential packaging materials. And if you need a place to store excess items throughout the year, we offer affordable student storage in the heart of Limerick including a free move-in service.   

To learn more, pop into our facility, give us a call on +353 61 446 302 or get an easy quote online. 

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