Do you worry about your valuables while on holidays?

As it’s nearing the summer holiday season we decided to cover the topic of summer storage. Do you on holidays stress about the security of the house or worse worry that you have left the dreaded immersion on. If you can’t stop thinking about these things instead of enjoying lounging around the pool with a cocktail be sure and tick off a few things before you leave.

First off check your house insurance is all up to date and that you have accounted for the new stuff you have bought throughout the year. Double-check your house alarm is working and ready and always check and lock all doors and windows. The most obvious is don’t be like Mrs McCallister above and forget to bring one of the kids 

Another tip would be to have a friend keep an eye on the house or even let them take in some of your expensive items while you’re away.

We have noticed throughout the years a lot of customers coming into StorageWise and renting a small locker like the ones above purely for storage while they are away on holidays. They store valuable items such as jewellery, paintings and even items that have sentimental value such as photographs.

If you are heading away for a longer period you could go up a size to a walk-in unit and store some larger items such as the expensive flat screen.

We also provide year-round safety deposit boxes where you can keep house deeds and important documents and some small valuables.

If you need to get in contact be sure and give us a call on 61-446302 or fill out an inquiry form below for a free quote and we will be happy to help you out. We hope you enjoy your summer holidays this year. Oh and finally wear sunscreen!

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We know how important personal storage space is. That is why we offer convenient self storage tailored to our customer’s requirements.


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