Food storage secrets you won't want to miss 

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Did you know that properly storing food can reduce the amount of waste in the home? The world is shifting toward a sustainability mindset, and that includes limiting the amount of food that gets thrown away.  

Keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer, and organise your kitchen with the following useful food storage tips! 

Prevent mouldy berries 

Properly storing fruit and vegetables can keep them fresher for longer. Perhaps you already know the trick of hanging bananas to ripen them or storing lettuce on top of a paper towel, but do you know how to stop berries from going mouldy? Briefly soak berries in hot water and dry them before refrigerating.  

Stop slimy mushrooms 

Mushrooms are delicious when fresh but far from appetising when they start to develop a slimy layer. Keep mushrooms firm and fresh in a paper bag instead of plastic. While plastic traps moisture that causes mildew, paper allows the vegetable to breathe. 

Rotate refrigerator content  

Have you ever noticed how new food gets placed at the front of the refrigerator, pushing older Tupperware further back? Create a system in the refrigerator so that perishables and food nearing the expiry date are at the front, while long-lasting food is moved to the back. 

Create a cool, dark storage space 

Some staples, such as onions, potatoes and apples, should be stored in a cool, dark space. Set up a box in a cool spot such as the basement or garage to keep these food items fresher for longer. Just make sure to keep critters in mind! 

Label items with an expiry date 

Keep a sharpie in the kitchen and label each item with the expiry date. By highlighting when to use food items, you prevent wastage and make sure that each ingredient is used in its lifetime. 

While we can’t store your perishable food items in our secure storage units, we can store the rest of your household belongings. Whether you want to declutter the kitchen, renovate the space or downsize your home — we have you covered! 

Give our friendly and helpful team a call at +353 61 446 302 to find out more about our Limerick storage units.

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