How to pack delicate items to avoid breakage

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Packing for a move can be hard enough without having to worry about delicate items breaking in the process. From decluttering to keeping everyone on track and handling the never-ending logistics, the last thing you want to deal with after a long day of moving is a box full of what used to be your favourite dinner set. 

To help ensure that your fragile items survive a move or storage, we unpack the best tips to help you pack delicate items to avoid breakage.

Choose the right box

When packing fragile items, it is best to stick to small and medium boxes. A smaller box is perfect for dishes, glassware, small ornaments, etc. The limited size ensures that you never overpack and don’t waste space. Only use large storage boxes when necessary, such as with statement light fixtures, and make sure to fill the sides with bubble wrap or packing peanuts to avoid movement.

Invest in wrapping

Bubble wrap, plastic wrap, and tissue paper are essential. When wrapping your delicate items, start with a layer of packing or tissue paper. Then, surround the item with bubble wrap, ensuring that all sides are well-padded and secure it with a layer of plastic wrapping. Finally, fill any remaining space with packing peanuts or leftover bubble wrap. It will help to keep your item from shifting during transit and prevent breakage.

Remember to wrap plates, bowls and mugs individually and invest in dividers for glasses and stemware to prevent movement.

Secure the box

Secure the bottom of the box with extra strips of box tape and layer the bottom with old linens or soft packing material to ensure no unfortunate accidents. While it’s always a pain to repack items that fall through the bottom of a box, it is a special kind of torture listening to the distinctive sound of crashing glass as you grip a now-broken box.  

Pack in the right order

Once you have secured the bottom of the box and added a precautionary layer of cushioning material, you can start to pack. Begin with the heaviest items first and limit it to two layers, with the top one consisting of very light items. Lastly, place a final cushioning layer on top and secure the box shut with tape. Be careful to label it as fragile to warn movers to take special care. 

So, whether you’re packing up fragile items for storage or want to make sure your heirloom china is safe during your next move, try these tips to keep everything in one piece.

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