Let’s talk about Divorce

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This isn’t a pleasant topic to discuss and definitely not a nice time in any home but if it happens, we are here to help!

We see quite a lot of customers over the years renting out units for this very reason and as we have dealt with this type of renting regularly, we are extremely discreet and can help out both parties when dealing with renting a unit during a separation.

While divorce still isn’t huge in Ireland as less than one divorce occurs for every 1,000 person may because we are such a loved-up country or maybe just stubborn. Either way here are a few tips to use storage from us during this difficult time:


  1. Security of Self Storage

During a divorce depending on the how severe the break up has been the security of a self storage unit can be a haven for one of the parties to house their items while the split takes place.


  1. Coded Entry

Both parties may not want to interact with each other during this time. If they want a large self storage unit for their house contents both parties can have separate codes and access the unit when they like. This makes it much easier to go through items in your own time. It takes the hassle of both having to be there at the same time. Each room is locked by the customers own padlock so you can have two keys for this also. We can also provide two separate units and other ends of the building too.


  1. A Neutral Area

Take the hassle of going through the house stuff in the actual home. This can be quite difficult considering there might be an emotional attachment to going back to the house of the other partner. Also you may not want to go anywhere near that property so having a neutral self storage unit can prevent all this. As discussed with the separate coded entry this way you can avoid seeing your partner during the divorce and still have access to all your stuff.


  1. Time Flexibility

There are no major long-term contracts bar setting up for the minimum of one month at the start. After the first month’s storage the unit can be rented out on a weekly basis. This can be extremely handy if one party has finished with getting all their items. The burden of the storage costs can be handed over to the other party that has their stuff remaining. This can all be arranged when setting up the contract.


  1. A Fresh Start

After a divorce the living situation may change and you might be down sizing or moving into a full furnished house and might not have room for all the furniture you had in the old house or you may want to keep onto some items you have an attachment with but don’t want them around for now.

Renting a self storage unit out of sight for these items is a perfect solution and you can start your new life with a clean slate You can then put items you no longer want into the storage unit until you’re ready to sell them.


If you are going through a divorce and are considering renting a self-storage unit or know someone that might benefit from this, feel free to give us a call on 061-44602

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