Limerick’s quick spring cleaning guide 

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Nothing can compare to the fresh feeling of a clean and uncluttered home, just in time for the arrival of spring. Depending on the size of your home, you may want to allocate a few hours to clearing out the clutter and dusting off the surfaces – but where do you begin?

As the weather starts to warm up in Limerick and the yellow Daffodils start to bloom, it’s time to do your annual spring clean. Whether you’re setting up a clutter-free home for an office or simply freshening up the space, consider the following tips.

Wash all bedding

While you may wash your linen on a regular basis, you may not wash your pillows and bedding as frequently. Take the opportunity to strip your beds and wash your bedding, getting rid of bacteria that has built up over time. It’s also a great time to use the vacuum on your mattress as well!

Empty all storage spaces

Take a moment and consider all spaces in the home that store your belongings. For example, cupboards, cabinets, and even the fridge. Create a schedule to work your way through each of these storage spaces and give them a deep clean, throwing out old and unused items along the way.

Give all appliances a scrub

When last did you move the washing machine away from the wall and sweep away the dust that has gathered behind it? Take note of all major appliances and wash them down with some soap and water, moving them away from the wall when necessary. For example, your fridge, washing machine, dishwasher and your oven.

Clean all surfaces

While you may wipe down the kitchen counter on a daily basis, there are some surfaces that very seldom get the same tender loving care. While spring cleaning, make sure that you wipe all surfaces and walls, including windows and hard-to-reach areas.

Get rid of clutter

As you move through the home, you’ll most likely come across a few items that are no longer used on a regular basis. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to get rid of unnecessary clutter and open up space in the home.

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