Date: 19.05.2022
Author: Saoirse Bonnar
Category: Movers Tips

Moving Back Home After Living Abroad – Here are some of our tips

We have been noticing quite an increase in people moving back to Ireland from far flung parts of the world of late. This trend could be due to the increase in the Irish economy over the last while or maybe the hunger for Taytos and Barrys tea.

Either way whatever your reasons for coming back to Ireland there are some mighty fine headaches involved and the list is endless but we are more concerned with the logistical migraine and what to do with your stuff with it arrives home. Depending on what part of the world you are heading back from there are several options available. (If you are thinking of immigrating these tips are great too)


  1. Hire a van

Try hire a van from a company already operating in Ireland, Certain companies will allow you leave the van with the Irish side thus cutting out the return journey. If you are returning from England/mainland Europe this is a solid option and more than likely the cheapest. If your coming from France be sure and load up some cheap wine too!


  1. Buy a van!

Again back to my point above if you are in mainland Europe, Get yourself a cheap van and then flog it when you get home. The van rates are way cheaper abroad and that even with the change of VRT. Another option is to go all out and buy that VW campervan you have always had your eye on and fill it up and head home. Maybe this is my dream of owning one of these…. either way it’s a super plan.


  1. Pallet shipping

There are many shipping companies that will send your beloved items by pallet. If you are living miles away off sea i.e. Australia this is your best and cheapest bet. The company will give you the dimension of the pallet height and width and all you have to do is source decent boxes and get pallet wrap and secure them on the pallet. If you happen to want to do this in reverse call into our packaging shop for boxes and pallet wrap.


  1. Container Shipping

This option is geared toward the major house moves. Get a container dropped to the house and load it and then get it shipped wherever in the world you need it. This is certainly a costly method but it would be the least stressful in my opinion. We see a lot of moves from the US done this way in the last while.

With whatever option you use above the reason as a storage company we have so much experience with such moves is that a lot of repats are sending their stuff to storage as they arrive back to Ireland first.

Once in storage they can give themselves time to sort our proper accommodation or if they are renting (Most rentals are now full furnished) they can have a base for all their bulky furniture and items before they get on the property ladder properly.

We have witnessed quite a lot of couple who use the container shipping method to send the container straight to storage. This has a few major advantages, firstly you don’t even have to be back in Ireland yet to send the container. So, while you are tying up all the loose ends in “Australia” your stuff is whinging it way back to Ireland and being loaded safely in to a storage unit. When you do eventually get back you have can access the unit at any time to sort out the items at your leisure.

So, while we can’t exactly sort out the woes of finding new employment and a new house, we can certainly help with the logistical side of the it all. If you know anyone making the bold move home be sure and pass this onto them and we will be happy to help. Just give us a call on 061-446302

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