The Art of Dressing with Less: A Sustainable Alternative to Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is a new industry phenomenon that harms the planet tremendously, exploits workers, and abuses animals.

We can describe fast fashion as inexpensive, trendy clothing that takes inspiration from catwalks and celebrity culture to churn out garments in high-street stores at a breakneck rate to meet consumer demand. Fast fashion is appealing because of its low pricing and constant media obsessions around finding new trends.

Sustainable fashion is a clothing design and production technique emphasising environmental friendliness and social obligation. The movement strives to reduce fashion’s environmental and social impact while delivering stylish, high-quality, fashionable, and affordable clothing.

Sustainable fashion is the response and solution to the fast fashion enterprise.

How Can You Fight Against Fast Fashion While Still Being Stylish?

We all like to dress well and look good; whether it’s for a first date, a job interview, or going out with mates, the right ensemble allows you to stand out positively.

One of the unfortunate truths for anyone trying to reduce their use of fast fashion is that they’ll likely end up buying and possessing fewer clothes at once. However, this is a good thing.

What Are Some Benefits of Sustainable Fashion?

Ethical production: Sustainable fashion labels often prioritise honest labour practices, safe working conditions, and fair wages for employees in their supply chain. By picking eco-friendly fashion, you are sponsoring brands that prioritise the well-being of their staff.

Quality over quantity: Sustainable fashion designs high-quality and long-lasting products, so you’ll get more bang for your buck from each article. You’ll save a ton of money and reduce your carbon footprint (or heelprint in some cases). With the current inflation growth, sustainable fashion is one option to keep cash in your pocket.

Unique styles: Sustainable fashion often features exceptional designs and styles unattainable in fast fashion shops. Choosing eco-friendly clothing allows you to express your style and stand out.

How To Do Sustainable Fashion?

Rent clothes

Clothing rentals can be great options for significant events that usually require a new outfit or for obtaining new items into your wardrobe each month. Some rental companies allow you to browse for specific items, allowing users to rent their clothes to others and rent clothes for themselves. Often these rental services are cheaper than buying new clothes, and you don’t have to feel guilty for wearing something just once.

Other similar services will send their clients new clothes monthly with different membership fees depending on how many items you request.

Getting clothes from friends

Friendly clothing swapping is an excellent method for getting new clothes. When your mates clean out their closets or move, often there is a surplus of clothes they don’t want but are still in great shape.

Where Should I Shop for Sustainable Fashion?

Here are some digital alternatives to your typical brick-and-mortar fast fashion stores:

Virtual Shops

Websites that offer second-hand items, like Adverts, Gumtree, The Dealer, and the more informal groups on Facebook, are excellent places to look. These sites can help you find good quality brands and items that will still last a while but are cheaper than in-store. Sometimes you will have to pay for shipping on these websites, so be conscious of where it’s coming from.

Subscribe to email lists informing you of sustainable alternatives

Sign up for marketing emails and get informed when there are sales or promotional codes on offer. This way, you can acquire high-quality clothes at a significant discount!

Take proper care of your current clothing

Take note of the label telling you how to wash a garment, hang clothing that needs to be suspended, and ensure you have protective substances in place to prevent moths and other clothes-devouring creatures from making a buffet out of your collection. Your clothing can last much longer if you put some effort into maintaining them and making them play the material version of Hunger Games. Help improve the odds in your clothing’s favour.

Just Do Your Best

Please do what you can to reduce your impact, but understand that avoiding fast fashion altogether might not be feasible. Buying attire that will still be stylish in a few years is always an excellent investment because you can replace them infrequently. Whether you can find high-quality items or not – it’s still reasonable to try and break the practice of buying new clothes often.

Give yourself a pat on the back though, because just by reading this article and learning what you can, you’re already on a great path towards living more sustainably and ethically.

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