The Benefits of Student Storage

Student storage
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If you're preparing to move away from home and head to university, you probably have a lot of stuff that you’re planning on leaving behind. While it might be extremely tempting to leave your childhood bedroom as a shrine to yourself or just stuff everything into boxes and leave it for your family to deal with, that's not really fair to them. 

The answer to your dilemma? Choose student storage! While self storage units are often considered for business inventory or a family on the move, student self storage is a low-cost solution to potential years of student space hassles.

If you’re still on the fence or side-eyeing your parents’ leaky and dusty garage, keep reading because we unpack the benefits of student storage. 

Declutter and get organised


The days before moving away for school are often filled with a flurry of last-minute tasks. Investing in student storage forces you to take the time necessary to organise your items and declutter. From clothes that no longer fit to old notebooks, you’ll likely have a small mountain of useless belongings you won’t want to pack or prepare for storage, resulting in you needing a smaller (and cheaper - yay!) self storage unit.

Make space for life


While university life is a blast, dorm living is no joke. In most cases, a dorm room will have barely enough space to accommodate a bed and a small closet, never mind several boxes of your belongings. By storing unessential items in a convenient student storage unit, you can make more space for comfortable living while keeping your belongings close by when you need them.  

Top-quality security


Not only is storing your extra items in a student storage unit a great way to prevent them from falling into the hands of younger siblings, but it also protects your items from dust, damage and the hustle and bustle of dorm life. From bulky appliances to sporting gear and textbooks, a student storage unit will keep every item safe while out of sight.

Convenient one-stop shop


Life as a university student can feel a bit nomadic as you hop from place to place, and lugging around boxes of belongings only complicates matters. A student storage unit provides a single secure and affordable base to store your items for as short or as long as you need. 

Whether you’re spreading your wings as a first-year student, preparing to enjoy a semester abroad or heading home for the holidays, student storage units provide convenience, security and space when you need it most. If you would like more information on student storage or a bit of guidance in selecting a unit, give us a shout. Our team of storage experts are always ready to help.


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There are several types of self storage solutions available – whether you’re a student, a business, or a family moving home. Visit our storage unit calculator to see which sizes are available and how much they cost.
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