Tips for planning a memorable holiday

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Are you ready for a holiday? The weather is warm and it's the perfect time to make some memories.   

If you’re wondering where to begin when planning an unforgettable vacation, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top easy tips for planning a fun and memorable holiday. 

Determine a budget 

Before you can decide where to go and the length of your trip, you need to determine a budget. Consider all expenses such as accommodation, transport, and food, as well as the amount of time that you will spend away from work. Once you’ve determined a budget, make sure that you stick to it to avoid the stress of overspending. 

Decide on the type of holiday that you want 

If you’re looking for adventure and fun, then an activity-centric outdoor destination is a great idea. However, if you prefer an unmatched culinary and shopping experience, a trip to the city is a better option. Decide what you want to gain from your holiday and plan with those activities in mind. 

Reduce the number of stressors 

A holiday should be a relaxing time, but there are a few obstacles that can cause unnecessary stress. Take the time to prepare for any hiccups along the way and reduce potential stressors. For example, give yourself extra time to arrive at the airport if you’re traveling with children, pack a first aid kit, and make sure to let your colleagues know that you’ll be unavailable. 

Look for deals 

When you plan your holiday in advance, you have time to look out for deals that can help you save money. Shop around, set up price alerts, and book in advance to make your money go further. Being flexible with your dates and taking advantage of loyalty programmes are also effective ways to save money. 

Leave space for adventure 

While careful planning can reduce stressors and save money, make sure to leave some room for spontaneity. You never know what adventure awaits as you drive through a new town or enjoy a forest hike. Remember that the best way to experience a new town is by exploring it with an open mind. 

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