Top reasons people are moving to Limerick

Limerick CityLimerick is not only the third-largest city in Ireland, but it is also one of the oldest, meaning that it is full of rich history and culture. The vibrant city is home to many historic landmarks, such as King John’s Castle, as well as natural beauty such as the River Shannon, which runs along the city.  

With so much variety to enjoy and opportunities to grasp, it’s no wonder that Limerick is one of Ireland’s most attractive destinations to build a life. Let’s explore a few additional reasons that people are moving to the bustling Irish city. 

Choice of job opportunities 

Limerick has a thriving economy and has earned a positive reputation in the engineering and technology sectors. The local government has more plans to boost the area’s retail and education sectors, too, with jobs available for those who have expertise in the industries. 

Affordable housing 

Limerick’s thriving economy makes it an appealing destination for professionals, but it remains one of the most affordable destinations to live and work in Ireland. In June 2021, the median house price in Limerick was more than 20% lower than the national level.  

Access to nature 

The developed city of Limerick doesn’t come at the cost of natural beauty. Not only does the city have plenty of green spaces, but it also offers convenient access to some of Ireland’s most beautiful natural sights to enjoy on a weekend getaway. For example, the Cliffs of Moher and Ballyhoura Walking Trails are only a short drive away. 

Healthy lifestyle 

A large part of the Limerick culture is focused on health and wellness. In particular, the city has a large rugby culture. Other popular sports include hurling, soccer, and even Gaelic football. If you enjoy living an active lifestyle, then Limerick is a great place to live. 

Convenient transportation 

Limerick offers a reliable transport system within the city, helping people to move around without enduring heavy traffic and congestion. Visitors also benefit from Limerick’s convenient access via road, rail and air.  

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