We have rebranded from Limerick Self Storage

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We've Rebranded!


Established in 1915, Limerick Self Storage is a 4th generation family operated business and one of Ireland’s longest-running logistics and storage businesses. Originally called ‘Limerick Carting Company’ and founded by William Hickey, the business has a deep-rooted history and expertise in transporting and storing goods for Limerick families and businesses for over 100 years. 

A key success for the business has been its ability to adapt and change to market demands, where today Limerick Self Storage provides a premium self-storage facility located on the Dock Road Limerick that is both secure and easily accessible 24/7.

Continually reinvesting in its facility with the latest state of the art technology providing secure storage space for customers and with expansion plans to provide self-storage services in other cities nationwide, Limerick Self Storage has decided to change its name to StorageWise.

The evolution of Limerick Self Storage to StorageWise was also supported by customer research and feedback, that when it comes to self-storage and the best customer care, StorageWise are the experts! The name StorageWise was selected to recognise the level of knowledge and self-storage wisdom built up over 100 years and it also includes a new logo and character called ‘Albert Wise’ who joins the dedicated team.

Speaking about the rebrand and decision to change the name, David Hickey CEO states;

"The new name StorageWise, was developed to represent our unparalleled level of expertise and wisdom acquired by serving local communities, families and businesses for over 4 generations. In essence, our goal for StorageWise is to be known as your local, self-storage experts."

The Future

The name may have changed but what will remain constant is the location of the state of the art self-storage facility on the Dock Road in Limerick and the team’s dedication, expertise and commitment to providing a friendly service. Whether it's life events or lifestyle choices, that has created the need for more secure storage space. StorageWise will provide customers with as much or as little space, over a short or long period of time as is needed.

Looking to the future, David Hickey and the StorageWise team hope to build on what was successfully achieved with Limerick Self Storage and by maintaining the highest standard of quality and customer care, will be adding further self-storage facilities in Ireland.

Community, Charity & the Environment

StorageWise recognises that operating a business within local communities bears a responsibility to help make the community a better place, by supporting local charities, and making the business more environmentally sustainable. Supporting this, a wide range of initiatives have been identified including retro-fitting the storage facilities with solar panels, making StorageWise the very first in Ireland to take this step and providing a selection of eco-friendly packaging for customers to purchase. With every customer rental, StorageWise will also donate to a local community or charity initiative such as Cliona’s Foundation, Clean Up Limerick, Music Generation or plant a tree supporting the effort to tackle climate change.

Find The Right Self Storage Unit

There are several types of self storage solutions available – whether you’re a student, a business, or a family moving home. Visit our storage unit calculator to see which sizes are available and how much they cost.
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