Date: 19.05.2022
Author: Saoirse Bonnar
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What size storage unit do I need? StorageWise’s simple size guide

Whether moving home, starting a business or freeing up space for a new addition, self storage is an affordable and smart way to store your valuables without compromising on space or security.  

While renting a self storage unit at StorageWise is super simple, deciding what size unit you’ll need can be a bit tricky. Our facility is secure, dry and safe with 24/7 access! To make sure you choose the right unit size for your needs, we’ve broken down the various unit sizes available at our state-of-the-art facility and what exactly you can fit into each. Let’s dive in!  

Luggage Locker

We have two types of lockers in our facility:  

  • Small half-metre squared locker  
  • Large one-metre locker.  

These lockers are ideal for storing smaller items with the peace of mind they are safe and secure. We have a lot of students that use these for summer storage and customers who use these for valuables when travelling abroad.  

They are also ideal for storing  

  • Paintings 
  • Jewellery 
  • Paperwork or a small declutter of your house 
  • Small personal items & suitcases 

25 sq.ft. unit 

If you can fit all your items in a small van load, then this unit has all the space you need. The 25 sq ft unit is a popular choice for homeowners or small businesses that need a little bit of extra space and is a great solution for those who are moving or renovating. Here, you can store items like: 

  • Medium-sized appliances  
  • Several boxes 
  • Files and confidential documents  
  • Mattress  
  • TV set 

35 sq.ft. unit


The 35 sq ft unit can hold the contents of a 1-bedroom flat or a garden shed, making it an ideal decluttering or small business storage solution. This size unit can fit a variety of items, including: 

  • Living room furniture 
  • Large appliances  
  • Garage tools and equipment  
  • Office furniture and filing cabinets  

50 sq.ft. unit

The 50 sq ft unit is a popular size for homeowners, businesses and students who need extra space nearby. With enough room to store a 1-bedroom house or small office space, it’s ideal for storing household items or business stock. The following items can be stored here:  

  • Double bed  
  • Living room furniture  
  • Large household appliances (freezer, fridge, etc.) 
  • Construction equipment  
  • Garage tools  

75 sq.ft. unit  

Whether you’re moving home, renovating or growing your product line, this size unit is the perfect solution. With enough space to fit the contents of a two-bedroom home, there is plenty of space to safely store everything you need, including:  

  • Large living room furniture  
  • Garden tools and equipment  
  • Mattresses 
  • Household appliances  
  • Business stock and filing cabinets  

100 sq.ft. unit  

As one of our larger units, the 100 sq ft unit is an excellent size for homeowners and businesses who need a secure space to store large items. The spacious unit can comfortably hold a two-bedroom flat or act as an operating base or warehouse for your business. Here, you can easily store:  

  • Bulky furniture and appliances  
  • Office furniture   
  • Exercise and sports equipment  
  • Musical instruments  
  • Merchandise and inventory  

125 sq.ft. unit  

Whether completing a large scale renovation or expanding your e-commerce business, the 125 sq ft unit is the ideal solution. This size unit can comfortably hold a number of items, such as: 

  • Large household appliances 
  • Palletised goods  
  • Furniture 
  • Filing cabinets  
  • Business inventory 

150 sq.ft. unit  

This size unit is roughly the size of a 20 ft counter and has enough space to store the contents of a 3-bedroom home. You can use this unit as an extension of your home during large-scale renovations or to safely store business equipment or stock. This unit can comfortably hold:  

  • Office desks and furniture 
  • Bulky equipment and machinery  
  • Palletised goods and inventory  
  • King-size beds and dressers  
  • Gym equipment  

200 sq.ft. unit  

The 200 sq ft unit is an affordable alternative to expensive and restrictive warehousing. The sizable unit has enough space to fit the contents of a 4-bedroom home or a double garage. You can safely store a number of large items in this unit, including:  

  • Palletised goods and business stock  
  • Garage contents  
  • Office furniture  
  • Bed sets and other large household furniture  
  • Industry machinery and equipment  

250 sq.ft. unit  

The 250 sq ft unit is one of our largest units and a popular option for large e-commerce businesses. Whether downsizing your office space or expanding your business, you can safely store a variety of items in this unit, such as:  

  • Palletised goods and business stock  
  • Garage and shed equipment  
  • Industrial machinery and equipment  
  • Office furniture  
  • Inventory  

Whether renovating, relocating or opening up a new business, StorageWise is a safe and stress-free way to store your items. With heated units, individually alarmed units and free 24-hour access, you can rest assured that your belongings have the best protection. Give our friendly team a call on 1800 94 6666 to find out more. We also offer larger units for businesses. 

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