What StorageWise Business Storage can do

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Have you recently started your entrepreneurial journey? Perhaps you’ve been running your company for some time? Wherever you are on your business journey, self storage can offer many benefits for business growth.  

At StorageWise, we’re committed to helping local businesses thrive by offering a range of different-size storage units to use for a variety of needs. Our storage units are conveniently located, secured with state-of-the-art security and easily accessible. 

Let’s explore some of the ways that StorageWise Business Storage can help your business. 

Affordable warehousing 

If you have a business in logistics or retail then you’ll understand the challenge of finding an affordable place to keep stock and inventory. Larger StorageWise units measure up to 250 sq. ft, serving as conveniently located and secure warehousing solutions. Traditional warehousing is usually expensive and rented with a long-term contract, but self storage provides a cost-effective alternative with a flexible lease agreement.  

Document storage 

Are file cabinets and documents adding clutter to the office? Open up space in the office and create a productive working environment by decluttering and moving unnecessary documents offsite. Self storage provides a dry and secure solution for storing documents.  

Operational base 

Various businesses spend more time on the road than in the office, such as artisans, event organisers and tour guides. Rather than allocate a budget to renting an office that is rarely used, a self storage unit with onsite parking acts as a convenient operational base. Our friendly and professional team will even accept deliveries on your behalf! 

Workshop space 

Self storage units provide a safe and secure space to work on your craft, whether it be leatherwork, jewellery design or sewing. While the cost of industrial workshops is consistently increasing, self storage units provide a cost-effective alternative. With flexible lease agreements and a wide range of sizes to choose from, you pay for as much space as you need and no more.  

For the safety of your belongings and the facility as a whole, make sure that you don’t store any flammable objects in your self storage unit! 

 Save money on rent 

 Since the pandemic, many businesses have adopted a hybrid or remote work policy, reducing the need for a large office. Downsize your office and save money on rent by using a self storage unit for extra business furniture, inventory and equipment. 

 Are you ready to rent a unit but unsure of how much space you need? Our business space estimator helps you visualise each of our units and determine which is best for you! If  you have any more questions, you can give us a call at +353 61 446 302 or pop into our facility for a tour.

Find The Right Self Storage Unit

There are several types of self storage solutions available – whether you’re a student, a business, or a family moving home. Visit our storage unit calculator to see which sizes are available and how much they cost.
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