Why Student Storage is a must-have investment 

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As a college student, the commute back and forth from home between semesters is already a journey in itself. But when you consider all of the furniture, clothes, textbooks and electronics you’re going to be lugging around, things can get downright stressful! To help save your sanity and your back, we look at why student storage is a must-have investment for comfortable university living.  

Make space 

Bedrooms can be tiny! A student storage unit can be utilised to securely store seasonal clothing, empty suitcases, extra textbooks, unessential appliances, sporting equipment and more. Moving items such as these out of the room can free up valuable space allowing you to live comfortably and without clutter.  

Travel or studying abroad 

If you have the opportunity to travel or study abroad, student storage provides a convenient and secure place to store your belongings while you are away. Whether you're headed abroad for a few weeks, one semester or a full year, you can travel with peace of mind knowing that your items will be safe until you return. 


Some bedrooms are not big enough to hold a safe, but you want your valuables nearby. Storage units are your best bet for protection, especially when you leave for the summer. Rest assured your anxiety levels will be at ease knowing your items are protected, especially if you have careless tendencies like forgetting to lock your bedroom door. 


Students already live on a tight budget and the last thing you need is the astronomical mess of commuting your items back and forth at the end of semester. More often than not, the cost of transit and moving far outweighs the low cost of a secure storage unit – especially if you’re sharing the unit cost with a fellow student. 

Wear and tear 

Items stored in a garage are likely to collect dust, be eaten by insects or possibly suffer water damage, and constantly transporting items causes its own wear and tear over time. A student storage unit provides a permanent and secure location for your items for as long as you need it. 

StorageWise’s selection of top-quality and affordable student storage units allow you to protect your items from the wear and tear of travel and the craziness of college life, while freeing up valuable bedroom space. If you’re ready to invest in your clutter-free future, give us a call at +353 61 446 302 or get a quick and easy quote online.  

Find The Right Self Storage Unit

There are several types of self storage solutions available – whether you’re a student, a business, or a family moving home. Visit our storage unit calculator to see which sizes are available and how much they cost.
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